The IF14-II was created from the original IF14 car and what our designer and team drivers have realized is almost an all new platform.

A. Newly-designed 2 belt drive layout
To optimize the weight balance and the length of the front and rear belts we tested every conceivable motor and spur gear position. Based on the testing and feedback gathered by our factory drivers we moved the spur gear to the front of the motor while maintaining the original IF14 motor position. The layout made for the best driving feel, both on and off throttle, and enables the car to run at a constant speed throughout the race.

B. Newly-designed front and rear lower suspension arms
The new design of the lower suspension arms features an updated shape, length and material. Tyre grip has been maximized and corner speed increased offering faster lap times and easy control. The arm also incorporates a shock lever ratio adjustment system, which is one of the most distinctive and important parts of the IF14-2.

C. Newly-designed shock lever ratio adjustment system
The newly designed IF14-2 suspension arms feature a new system built in making it possible to fine-tune the shock lever ratio. Coupled with the new shock tower design its now possible to change the shock lever ratio without changing the shock mounting angle. In this way you are able to adjust the spring rate without changing shock spring, offering even finer tuning possibilities. The system also allows for suspension geometry adjustments such as arm width to be made while keeping your shock settings unchanged.

D. Newly-designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) oil shock and shock tower
The newly designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) shock is now 3.5mm shorter than the original IF14, and has greatly helped to lower the center of gravity of the chassis. To keep the oil capacity and the shock stroke to a maximum the pistons are now secured with special flush fit counter sink screws. With the flat piston surface sufficient oil capacity and up travel at full stroke are maintained for a stable performance. The total length of the newly designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) shock is now 3.5mm shorter than the original IF14. The USP shock greatly helped to lower the center of gravity of the chassis. To keep the oil capacity and the shock stroke to a maximum, the shock pistons are secured with special flush fit counter sink screws. With the flat piston top, sufficient shock uptravel at full stroke and sufficient oil capacity are maintained for stable driving performance.

E. Newly-designed adjustable Ackermann steering plate
The proven twin crank steering layout has been brought over from the IF14 but now features adjustable Ackerman plates. By using these interchangeable steering plates its now possible to quickly adjust steering characteristics according to track conditions.

F. Newly-designed carbon main chassis and top deck
Chassis flex is a critical factor in determining driving characteristics in electric touring cars and the IF14-2 chassis layout has been fully re-designed based on data gathered from the original IF14. This new design also takes into account the position and number of screws used to connect the bulkheads and motor mount. Together with the new top deck and flex adjustment bridge the overall chassis flex can now be tuned perfectly to suit all types of track.

G. Newly-designed suspension mount
The suspension mounts continue to follow the IF14 inspired “separate” style but are now more lightweight and mount directly to a fixed suspension block on the chassis. Special shims can be placed between the suspension mounts and block to precisely adjust geometry.

H. Newly designed lower bulkhead and Suspension mount
The suspension mounts are now independent from the lower bulkheads and mounted directly to chassis. This increased stiffness around the front and rear bulkheads help to provide a more direct feel when driving.

I. Newly-designed adjustable upper camber link mount
The new upper camber link mounts are now separated from the upper bulkhead. This allows for the camber link mounting position to be fine-tuned with spacers, offering a wider range of suspension settings and fine-tuning.

J. Newly-designed topdeck flex adjust bridge
Chassis flex and control are key points in determining the cars on track performance, and for the IF14-2 we’ve developed a new top-deck flex adjustment bridge that allows you to adjust the chassis flex at the rear of the car. The chassis flex can now be set to three different levels by replacing or removing the adjustable bridge. Using this feature you are able balance chassis flex and pitching rigidity perfectly.

Another item that will give you a wider range of rear end chassis flex settings is the graphite rear chassis stiffener. The flex characteristics of the main chassis on the rear section can be adjusted to set the balance between traction and steering.

The newly designed front spool axle is now made from a plastic resign with interchangeable outdrives. Durable and lightweight it helps improve throttle response and drivability. Optional aluminium spool outdrives can be used to further reduce weight.

The newly designed resin center pulley is larger (21T) offering better drive efficiency and minimising belt skip. The axle layshaft supported by the motor mount with a cantilever has 3 ball bearings and contributes to increase mounting rigidity of the center pulley and the spur gear.

The newly designed motor mount, precision machined from 7075T6 Aluminium is extremely strong and holds the cantilevered center axle shaft firmly in place. The motor mount features two rear belt guide rollers for optimal belt tension and minimal belt skip. Chassis flex can also be tuned using the multiple chassis mountings.