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T118 - ALU TURNBUCKLE M3x30mm (Red/2pcs)

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T146-AL - IF14 PRO-GEAR DIFF SET (Alu Outdrive/38T)

IF14 pro gear diff set with aluminium outdrive cup specification. This set is about 2.2 grams lighter than the steel outdrive cup specification. This allows you to adjust the weight balance of the vehicle front and rear while also improving the throttle response.

T113 - D.J.CVD JOINT COVER TUBE (10x50mm/2pcs)

It is preventable G-Clip accidentally comming off during running.
Its approx. of 0.2mm thickness provide no weight extendability.
Shutterproof of grease and lenghtening life-span of the parts and maintenance cycle.
Cut about 10mm for each. Fitting on effectively, provide little heating after inserted.

T159 - TITAN BALL END 4.9mm MEDIUM (4pcs)

This is a new set of super strong and high-precision 4.9mm titanium ball ends for the IF14. Each set is about 8g lighter than the steel ones and the polished ball surface ensures the ball end moves smoothly for a long time.

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T112-41 - D.J.CVD DRIVE SHAFT 41mm

Short type (41mm) front drive shaft rather than the kit standard front drive shaft (42mm).
Offers a linear steering feel, making the car easier to drive when used in high traction or oversteer situations.

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The advanced "PRS system" is designed to deliver faster cornering speeds for the IF14-2. This system allows for the rear toe angle to be controlled passively as a result of the rear suspension arm stroke. The cornering characteristics can be fine-tuned by adjusting the mounting angle of the linkage rod.