2017 Winter Test

25-27 February, 2017 - Singapore

First appointment of the 1/8 season 2017 was the winter test in Singapore; we choose this location for the chance to run our platform in hot and dry conditions before the start of racing commitments. All our new team drivers attend to the test to feel for the first time our “team spirit” and to have the opportunity to compare set-up and tips with the rest of the team. Dario Balestri, Takaaki Shimo, Alberto Picco and Naoto Matsukura seems had enjoy the ambience and this experience… Can’t wait to see them working together on the racing fields… #1family

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New Zealand Nationals

New Zealand Nationals

18-19 February, 2017 - Cristchurch

The New Zealand Nationals for 2017 were once again held at Ruapuna raceway in Christchurch.
The meeting was rain affected and so there was only time for two qualifiers.
I managed to qualify in first position setting a new qualifying track record.
Jayden Duthie, also driving Infinity qualified in 4th.
In the final the car was perfect and I held the lead from start to finish. I opted to change tires halfway which proved to be a great strategy.
Jayden Duthie was running in third for most of the race but unfortunately ran into problems meaning an early retirement.
I’m really happy to deserve this title… Flag to flag victory always have a special “taste”; thanks to Infinity and all the people that helped me.
The full results are as follows:
1st – Luke Duthie (Infinity)
2nd – Scott Robinson
3rd – Daniel Burrows
4th – Trevor Winter
5th – Andrew Kirk
6th – Pj Jones
7th – Bev Winter
8th – Jayden Duthie (Infinity)
9th – Scott McCreanor
10th – Mark Johnston

See you next races
Luke Duthie

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One day at SRT

One dat at SRT

Firts tests with Shimo

We follow Shimo San in his firsts test with INF1NITY at Sagami-DO Racing Track in Kanagawa last week… Japanese weather it’s still very cold but the Japanese driver can’t wait to hit the track. Accompanied by chief engineer Nikaido San and our President Miura San he spent couple of days testing the new platform he will use in 2017. Firsts impression seems really good as we could guess it from his big smile… Enjoy some pictures and keep in touch soon for the first race!!!!

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Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From all Infinity Team


Preparing ENS Finale

Preparing ENS Finale


After few months, (last time were at ENS round 2 in Ettlingen in may) the whole Infinity racing team had a tracktest day all together to prepare ENS final round… As already happened we choose the beautiful Collari Raceway in Bologna that we would love to consider as our “racing house” in Europe. The weather were really fine with a warm temperature and sunny light that permits to do an awesome job before to head for a brief visit at Collari Shop and then move to Fiorano… Enjoy some pictures…

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International Indoor Championship 2016



One of the most important meeting in the "EP world" were held in Las Vegas last week… The famous IIC organized as usual by Scotty Ernst and his crew introduce a new venue at Westgate Resort & Casino.
Enjoy pictures of our team attending the race.

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Pro Stock Series Final


02 OCTOBER 2016

Last weekend the final of the Pro Stock Series took place at Waechtersbach in Germany.
Without any practice heat because of rain, the race started with wet qualification heats sunday morning and only the last two heats were completely dry.
I had the fastest laptimes and the car worked quite well with a nearly standard setup on this short and tight track; I only missed the TQ spot because of some little mistakes. So I was ranked 2nd after the qualification, didn't have to drive the semi final and started 2nd in the main. After some small setup changes to get more steering the car was quite perfect now and after two laps I took the lead in the final. Unluckily after 5 mins the clutch was starting to have problem and I feel like have no power out of the corners… I focus on the driving managing the clutch problems and my Infinity was still the fastest car on the track and i saved my 1st position over the 30min final. Thanks to Oli for his help in the pits! Now I’m looking forward to ENS round 4!


Summer blast challenge



Ciao, my name is Danny Valentin, 42 years old, live in Orlando, I work at an elementary school and I practice this hobby since I was 13. In may I joined Infinity car and in the weekend of september 18 I attend to a clubrace at Full Throttle raceway for the Summer Blast Challenge. Car started off fine in practice. Then I had a few clutch issues. Once I solved the issue I was able to have one good qualifier in the 3rd round. Put me into second on the grid. Car did need more power; But being it was the first race for the car I wanted to keep it together. 20 minute Amain saw me trading 1-2 position with car number 3 for a few laps but after the first round of pit stops I was able to hold the lead until the end. For the next time I hope to solve the lack of power installing new engine on the car; thanks Creation Model for this platform very performing and easy to drive. Till next time. Thanks, Danny Valentin

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