ENS 2016 – Rd.2

2nd Rd. ENS 2016

20 June 2016 – Ettlingen – Germany

Infinity team moved to Germany to attend the ENS in Ettlingen… A very nice track lay-down on a little hill in a beautiful green park area.

The layout is narrow and very technical with a big fast corner, hairpins and a fast chicane with different slope left/right. Commitment for our team were important having 5 drivers running both 1/8 and 1/10 to prepare the upcoming World’s in Italy.

Unfortunately, as happened in Bologna, the protagonist of the race were the weather conditions; a light rain falls down on thursday and friday interrupting several times the practice heats. In 1/8 category we have 5 drivers in top15 (Groskamp, Davis, Saligupta, Collari and Tironi) and in 1/10 Groskamp, Leino, Moore and Davis in the 2 fastest heats for qualifying.

Saturday forecast were worse and only 3 rounds for 1/10 scale (2 counts) and 2 rounds for 1/8 (1 count) were completed due to a heavy rain in the afternoon. For 1/10 Teemu and Jilles (TQ first round) were really fast grabbing position 2 & 4 in Amain; for 1/8 again Jilles (4) and Lamberto (8) takes a direct place for the final.

Sunday the weather looks much better with some sunshine on the track; the organizers decide to reduce to 15mins all the finals to try to finish the race in fairest conditions possible.

In Bmain 1/10 Andy Moore drove very good missing the bump-up for few tenths and in the successive Bmain 1/8 Francesco Tironi show his speed fighting with Hacler, Pietsch and Cuypers for the win but some troubles forces him to the 3rd spot.

In 1/10 Amain Teemu Leino takes an early lead on Dankel followed closely by Greiner: a contact on the transponder drop them to the tail of the field. Jilles suffers the moving of an upper arm front pin that  affects his consistency in the laptimes. 45 minutes were long with Leino and Greiner that could recover the firsts position leading the race with Nahr switching often positions due to different pit strategies. Teemu seems the one with best chance to win and, once he exit from the last refueling still in first position, he manage to drive to the end without taking any risk and controlling the gap on Dominic. Well done Teemu!!!

In 1/8 Groskamp suffers a trouble in the early stage of the race and Lamberto try to fight at his best battling hard for the whole race with Picco, Gruber, D’Hont with only Kurzbuch that has a better pace taking an uncontested win. Lamberto finish 4 like last year European Championship with bitter sweet feelings due to some setup refinements impossible to test due to bad weather conditions… Look forward to next race!



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