Another World Championship is in the books… When we decided to attend we don’t really know what we have to expect from that race. After ten days of racing at “top level” we could underline that we are happy of the performance of our new platform. During the whole event, from IPD to Amain, our drivers always compete for the top10 every time we hit the track; Jilles, Jesse, Teemu, Francesco, Carmine, Andy, Chavit, Trin and Kenji did an amazing job running different set-up to speed up the process of development. Every evening we compare our newborn Infinity 1/10 to find out which setting performs better on the Gubbio track that changed a lot due to different weather conditions… Sometimes was very cold, sometimes hot, than heavy rain that shower the track and the “grip” until the steady sunny of the last three days. In such difficult conditions our team work hard to discover the “potential” of our new weapon that explain our commitment in r/c industry… In IPD Jilles always fight with Dominic and Simon for the lead with Andy, Teemu and Jesse very close; in the free practice lot of job were do to adjust the car for the longer mains and also Andy were able to set the fastest lap of the event with 16,198. Getting a good heat for qualifying is mandatory during the control practice; not always run in the correct way but the team get a quite good overall result with 4 drivers in the second fastest heat. During qualifying all our drivers had some good peak snatching several times a top10 position closing with Jilles, Jesse Teemu and Francesco directly in semifinal spots with Carmine, Andy and Chavit in the quarter of final.

All our drivers were happy of the performance of the car and everybody confident for the final day. All focus their efforts to adapt the car on their proper driving style… In the final day Carmine were the big surprise grabbing an Amain spot starting from his Bquarter; he runs the 1/10 category last time 10 years ago but with his father Alfonso he mades an astonishing job showing a very important consistency and a pace like the fastest guys. An impressive Teemu shows his speed to the audience in the first semi recovering the leaders after a bad start but keep “pushing hard” he made a mistake on the chicane that drop him out of the battle. Jilles and Francesco were in a bump-up position but both suffers some problems during 4tires change strategy that denied them a well deserved final. The Amain were really tight and exciting with very close gap between the cars; the fight were hard and looking at Carmine we have good sensation but a flame out in the early stage drop him in the midfield… It’s racing… Next time will be better.

We wanna congratulate Dominic for his first BIG title, Alessio and Simon for their podium spot and the last minute battle… Simply amazing!!! Last words are for the organizers of this event: will be very hard for the next organizations to do something even comparable with what they did during this event. APPLAUSI!!!!


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