02-04 SEPTEMBER 2016

Just couple of weeks after the Nitro Sedan World’s part of the Team move to Austria for the ENS Round 3… Aigen track has the characteristic to be “laydown” up on a hill; a raising main straight, a big sweeper corner, couple of chicanes with different slopes and two banked hairpin that makes this layout one of the most interesting of 2016. The location is really nice with beautiful mountain panoramas all around and the weather, FINALLY, was very good without rain or clouds and a with a nice temperature between 15 to 24 degrees. The entry list was a little bit “poor” compared to the other big ENS events but the most awaited drivers were present at the track.

It was the ENS debut race for our 1/10 Proto that shows good performances at the World’s in Gubbio. Teemu and Francesco immediately found the confidence with the track showing very fast lap times during practice with Teemu topping the ranking list; Carmine that have the hardest job running both 1/10 and 1/8 suffer a bit finding the correct set-up. In 1/8 class again Carmine finally found a good pace from the beginning and Lamberto that struggle a lot with a battery failure first and then touching a curb flying in the middle of the sweeper while unlucky Toni arrives “full punch” . Result were two cars destroyed… Not a good start for him.

For 1/10 qualifying session our Finnish driver showed an unmatched pace for the competitors: he droves amazingly around the Austrian track dominating the first four rounds… He felt comfortable and was able to push “hard” for the 4 minutes heats supported by the whole package. Only the recent crowned World’s Champion Greiner chased him enough close with Dankel and Francesco (4) just couple of tenths behind… Raiola solved his set-up issues only in the last couple of rounds and was forced into Bmain. In 1/8 Carmine made a good job closing in Amain position (7) and Lamberto suffered a lot mostly for his sick conditions (during the whole week he had 38 degrees fever) managed to grab the last spot for the main event.

Sunday the race starts with some worries for the forecast of possible rain showers in the afternoon… The main problem for all drivers seems to be the tires consumption due to the very abrasive asphalt: race strategy will be really important… At least couple of tires change were mandatory to finish the 45 minutes in both classes. In the 1/10 Bmain Carmine showed a good shape winning easily the bump-up spot succeeding in placing ALL the 3 INF1NITY PROTO cars in the Amain… The A final was again a “solo” performance of Teemu: his speed and consistency sweeped the field clearly from the first corner… Dominic, at 10 minute mark few seconds behind him, was forced to retire for a mechanical issue just after his first tire change stop. Dankel and Tironi were on the “virtual podium” for almost 35 minutes when Francesco runs out of fuel 30 seconds to the end dropping him to 5th position. Raiola drove a fast and steady rhythm that allows him to close 4th after the 45 minutes battle. Well deserved Teemu!!!! In 1/8 Amain both our drivers decided for only one tire change to try to save time in the pits; during the final they had an hard fight with the midfield alternating position from 3 to 8 depending on the strategy; the narrow track was a little bit tough for this scale but was funny to see a lot duels every corner. At the end Lamberto close 6th and Carmine 8th. Congratulations to Simon Kurzbuch that won the title in advance…

See you in Fiorano in October…


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