Like an old refrain also the Final Round of 2016 season was affected from bad weather conditions that reduced track time for all drivers that attended the race.
Thursday all scheduled practice were cancelled due to heavy rain and only on Friday morning we were allowed to hit the track. The race organisation decided to run the controlled practice and then one round of qualifying for 1/10 scale and two rounds for 1/8 scale. Saturday's timetable was filled with the remaining two rounds for 1/10 and one round for 1/8 and 15 minutes lower finals up to B-main. The finalist practice and 45 minutes A-mains were scheduled for Sunday morning.

In the 1/10 scale Teemu Leino was very fast TQing Q3 to grab a 2nd spot on the grid behind WC Dominic Greiner…
The real surprise of the race was the “cameo” appearance of Marc Reinhard with our Proto car: after long time he didn’t practice nitro he was able to place himself in P4 after three round of qualifying. His style suit perfectly the performance of Infinity new platform giving him enough confidence to battle for the top positions from the early stage. Unfortunately Jilles had some issues with the engine that drops him in Bmain while a gearshift problem deny to Andy to correctly perform on the track.

The1/8 scale had two rounds of qualifying during Friday evening held under the floodlights; conditions were very particular and, also if was exciting to see for the crowd, maybe not all the drivers felt comfortable with it.
Lamberto showed a good pace in all sessions taking the 3rd overall on Amain grid; Francesco was also fast and consistent placing himself on 6th position and Jesse Davis finally shows his skill driving fast and safe to secure the last direct spot for the final: 10th. Jilles did a lot of efforts running also this category placing in Bmain together with Carmine that suffers unusual problems on his car.

The tight schedule with reduced lower mains run smoothly but a mix of mistakes, track fights and tough conditions penalized most of our drivers that struggling to pass; the “image” of the unlucky situation was Carmine that broke his engine in the warmup… Only Jilles in a “back to back” Bmain succeed in bump-up in 1/8 Amain after a flame out in 1/10 when he was leading.

In 1/10 Amain Teemu and Marc starts well maintaining their positions; Teemu had only to control his rivals Dirk and Eric to win the championship but his pedigree of “fighter” and his determination to win whenever is possible led him to make a mistake in the back chicane trying to catch Dominic in the front. Unfortunately he also flamed out loosing a couple of laps; Marc stayed in the podium area until his engine cut-off and after the stop in the pits he stripped the gears and was forced to retire from the competition. Once again on the track Teemu calmed down looking only to recover a position needed to win the overall ENS; he succeeded in his purpose also making the fastest lap of the race… When he was in 6th position close to Bruno 5th some drops of rain stopped the race: with Dankel 2nd and Wischnewscki 4th was the first BIG victory for Infinity team!!! Congratulations Teemu!!!

After the little shower that forced the organizers to stop 1/10 scale we waited a bit of time to restart with 1/8… Organisation declared “wet race” and also decided to reduce from 45 to 30 minutes the duration of the main creating some doubts on tire strategy. Four Infinity drivers in the Amain was a great result for our young company; when final started most of the people looked at the sky searching to forecast the weather combining with pit strategy… Winning choice was to change only the external tires; our team drivers decided to change all tires for a safer run and due to this situation we had the “showtime” in the last ten minutes with all our cars battling together from 4th to 7th place… The crowd really appreciated the battle on the track between Francesco, Lamberto, Jesse and Jilles that finished in this order… Congratulations to the winner Simon! See you all in 2017 for the next season!!!


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