2016 Guan Kou Sunpadow GP

2016 Guan Kou Sunpadow GP


This past weekend saw our Infinity race team make its first full appearance in China at the Sunpadow cross-strait RC car grand prix. The race was held at the fantastic on-road and off-road facility outside of the Sunpadow battery factory in the city of Xiamen.

This race being both EP and GP we had a slightly unsual format and also difficult track conditions with one round of gas powered cars being followed directly by one round of electric.

In 1/8 the key to a good qualifying run was making 5 min run time which was not easy on the wide open layout. Despite this qualifying ran smooth for most of the team, Jilles Andy Trin and Chavit making it straight through to the semi final with Kenji and Dimas starting in the 1/8 finals. Jesse's Quali runs were a little less straight forward only finishing one round due to random back marker crash and a couple of engine issues and would have to start from the 1/4 final.

During the lower finals Dimas was ultimately able to bump up into the semi final with 2 solid finals. Jesse's problems finally fixed, he drove a smooth 1/4 final to join the others guys in the semi.

Jesse continued to show his pace by taking the win in the first semi final with Trin coming home in 4th to also bump into the main. In the rain effected second semi final Jilles would encounter a one-way issue and a couple of flames outs but was still able to take the final bump up spot. While Andy was unfortunately left needing a steering link repair after he was taken out by a back marker leaving the pit.

The main final proved to be an epic 45mins long battle between TQ Simon Kurzbuch and Jesse. Jesse got the jump on Simon at the tone and would lead for the first part of the race until Simon found his way back to the front at the mid point through a slightly different tyre strategy. Jesse pushed Simon for the next 20mins and at the 43mins mark the gap was only a few seconds but unfortunately he just came up short on fuel on the last lap to finish up 2nd. Trin and Jilles both unfortunately running into problems would finish up 8th and 9th overall.

The ep class saw Andy, Jilles and Kenji drive our new Infinity/SMJ prototype car for the first time. With the limited practice on track they showed good pace against some of this year's worlds A finalist and were pleased to line up 2nd and 4th on the  grid for the A main. After 3 finals which were run in varying conditions Jilles would end up taking the final podium spot in 3rd and Andy 5th.

See you at next event!


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