Lee Martin joins Infinity team

“Creation Model Ltd. is extremely happy to announce the addition of UK driver Lee Martin to our International team.
Lee is a World class off road driver, a former multiple European champion and multi time Worlds finalist who has been competing at the highest level for many years.
With an 1/8th off road project in the pipeline for Infinity Lee’s experience and background in this category will be instrumental in the future development of this platform."

Lee Martin frist words: “It's a pleasure to be joining the Creation Model / Infinity team. The team infrastructure and their desire to succeed at the highest possible standard not only excites me but inspires me. Assisting in the development stage of the new 1/8th off road range is an opportunity that I could not miss, having the chance to work with Miura San to produce the most competitive vehicles we can with no compromises. Thank you to Kenji San for the chance to be apart of something special. Work starts now!”





For general information please contact us at:
  cm (@) creationmodel.biz
  3-23-15 Kamijima, Naka-ku, Hamamatu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 433-8122, Japan