2016 US Nitro Cup


Last race of 2016 for Infinity Racing Team was one of the most popular classic events in the United States. Every year the US Nitro Cup will be held at Full Throttle Raceway in Kissimmee Florida.

For our team only Lamberto Collari and Jesse Davis attended to the event in this great venue already theatre of an Ifmar World Championship (1/10 Touring EP). The location is super nice inside a Golf Club just aside the local airport; sometimes was possible to see the take-off and landing of many little airplanes of amateur aviators as many private jets of businessmen coming there.
A great organisation leaded by Mr. George Martinez and a lot of friendly people welcome us.

The track layout was super funny to drive with a “ridicolous” amount of grip… conditions were so "high-bite" that you could risk to “flip” upside down even break-in in the engine. This type of conditions were really challenging for who, like our drivers, attended the race for the first time: usually you have to find the way to get the traction but here was the opposite: everybody was searching the way to have the car easy and flowly to drive avoiding the risk of traction rolls.

From the free practice Jesse and Lamberto were really fast mostly “on pace” with US drivers and European veterans like Alberto Picco, Marco Vanni and Cristian Boni that usually attended to this race. In the seeding heat Lamberto seats 2nd and Jesse 4th. The rules for the event were something already seen in the past: 4 qualy rounds and only the best to count. After a delay on friday morning, due to the rain, organisers decide to postpone 1 round on Saturday and sets A-B-C mains instead of christmas-tree finals; 9 places for every main plus 3 bump ups.

Qualification was the theatre of Jesse’s big show: he dialled himself and the car on the track in a perfect way… he set the pace constantly driving like an alien. His TQ was simply astonishing with a 5 sec gap on 2nd place in the 7 minutes heats. Lamberto suffers big troubles in the first 3 heats but in the last one he cruises carefully on “the line” to avoid any mistake to get an Amain spot (9).

Sunday the weather was cloudy with also some drops of rain falling during first finals but everything ran smooth; Amain 1/8 open started at 4 pm and Jesse was able to lead for the first stage of the race… Alberto was in the tail of Jesse and Lamberto tries his best to recover from the back of the field. The audience at the track really enjoyed the show provided by these 3 guys; Picco deserved the win changing his strategy when he saw Jesse coming in the pits for the tire change. Only him and Lamberto took the risk to roll over in the first 10-20 minutes avoiding tires stop. When was clear that Alberto would have gone to the end without changing his tires, Jesse pushed at maximum but he could recover only part of the gap closing 7 sec behind. Lamberto managed the high bite conditions and bigger tires with his skills grabbing the 3rd spot at the same distance from Jesse.

We wanna thanks everyone attended this race for their support and we wanna thanks also the fans we have met there. Will do our best to attend this race also in 2017.

See you on the track next year!!!



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