Takaaki Shimo joins Infinity team

CREATION MODEL: “Creation Model Ltd is happy to announce that Japanese star Takaaki Shimo will join Infinity Racing Team from now on. He will be part of Research & Development division on Nitro program of the company.
We are really happy to welcome Shimo San sure that his astonishing skills will help the company to grow up, this will led in more satisfied customers all over the world.
We can’t wait to switch off the “stand by” mode and see him attending the most important races of 2017.

SHIMO SAN: “I’m pleased to join one of the strongest team I ever see in my racing career; I’m really excited to team up again with some of team mates I shared good times in the past like Lamberto, Francesco and Nikaido San. I will spend all my efforts to develop the Infinity nitro platforms for the upcoming season and beyond. It’s a new chapter of my life and I hope it could be a successful one once again. See you at racing track!”






For general information please contact us at:
  cm (@) creationmodel.biz
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