After the most awaited TITC in Bangkok the entire Infinity Racing Team moved to Singapore for the scheduled winter tests. Lamberto Collari and Alberto Picco came from Europe while Takaaki Shimo reached the group from Japan to attend this session and the first race of Singapore Series. As a “surprise” also Naoto Matsukura decided to extend his journey to feel the exciting driving of a 1/8 gas powered car… From Tuesday to Sunday a nice weather with few rain drops allowed an intensive preparation of the upcoming season testing some new parts and refining many different setups. All team drivers seemed very comfortable with the Infinity platform and fresh signer Dario Balestri leaded the ranking of fastest laptimes during the practice.

Sunday a consistent number of local drivers attended in 3 different classes: 1/5 large scale, GT 1/8 and 1/8 on road. For 1/8 3 round of qualifying saw Dario TQ in front of Jilles, Takaaki and a surprising Naoto with Carmine 5th.

For the 45 minutes Amain Jilles started very well taking the lead of the pack before the big sweeper meanwhile some contacts changed the midfield positions… Lamberto recovered from 7th to 2nd position following the Dutch with a little gap. Dario suffered some engine problems and Carmine had to retire at early stage. Naoto was fast but some errors forced him to the pits to fix a bodyshell issue. Key of the race was the different pit strategies: Groskamp and Shimo ran for two tires change while Lamberto risked to change only one time. This mixed strategy of refuelling created a threeway challenge for the win at 40 minutes mark with Jilles in front with 2 fuel stops to do, Lamberto 2nd and Takaaki 3rd with only one fuel stop to the end. Jilles come in the pits and then forced the rhythm to try to recover the gap for the last “splash” but a mistake in the chicane took him out of the fight for the final win… After last refuelling Collari had Shimo in his tail and the last 6 laps were exciting for the crowd with Italian driver that close his racing lines denying to Japanese champion the chance of a possible overtake. At 45 min was Lamberto that took the win for few tenths in front of Shimo and Groskamp with Balestri 4th. The “showtime” of the tight battle at the end will for sure remain impressed to all the people had attended this race. Well done !!!


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