Rd.1 Minicar Fiorano 22-24 April

After just couple of weeks of successful CIC Club Minicar Fiorano hosted the first round of Italian Nationals. The Championship format consists in three rounds (other venues are  the well known Cassino and Gubbio) with some slightly changed rules like 4 direct qualifiers with “rocket round” as base. An immersion in the back “old” times that seem little bit “nostalgic” but attract more than 130 drivers in 1/8 and 1/10.

From friday practice things went really well for Infinity team as Dario, Lamberto and Alberto wrapped 1-2-3 positions in the first late afternoon qualify.

At saturday morning the fresh weather conditions allowed fastest laptimes and once again was Balestri that grabbed the TQ this time in front of Picco and Collari. Francesco 7th and Carmine 10th have to pass through semifinals to enter in the Amain.

Sunday morning both Semis was good: in the first Francesco run a mistake free run to close second behind Nicola. In the second one Carmine finally shows his potential leading fastest phase flag-to-flag taking number 5 for the final.

With 5 car in the Main event team result was already astonishing: At the start of the final Dario pull away followed by Alberto while Lamberto suffers some contacts that drop him 6th but he recover quickly the 3rd position after couple of laps. Unfortunately in lap 3 a car come in the wrong way causing a big accident to Picco that was forced to retire. After the first fuel stop was Balestri leading  with comfortable 5 second gap on Collari in second. The battle for the win was clear in their hands as they marked the fastest pace of the field. After 15 minutes Raiola suffers glow plug problems that forced him several time in the pits; Tironi seems less comfortable but manage to maintain his pace taking care to avoid any problem. In the lead, after tire change the audience will wait the last refueling to see if Lamberto’s longer run strategy will pay off; he risks a bit when his engine seems “lean” before entering in the back chicane but he manage to arrive in the pits. Same thing, crazily in the same part of the track, happened few minutes later to Balestri that was less lucky with his car that runs out of fuel two corner from the transponder line. The  current Italian Champion Vanni acquired the second place but Dario push a lot to recover once exited from the pitlane but only succeed to get closer to Marco couple of seconds grabbing the third podium spot. Another win for Lamberto and another win for Infinity in this promising first part of 2017 season. Can’t wait the first round of ENS… See you all there!


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