Last weekend the AMAC club hosted one of the most important race of 2017 season at Circuit Nougier in the Provence area south of France; the track layout is simply amazing very different to most of the track where, actually, we are used to race in Europe. Fresh resurfaced few weeks ago, the biggest characteristic of the track is the continuous work on the throttle and steering that all drivers need to do to correctly perform: lot of banking corners with a big sweeper in the back lay downed on little hill… Seems like that you’re driving in a “shaker” and if you’re looking for a straight you can easy forget it… No pause at all in 16 sec lap!!!

The rest of the venue need to be fixed; honestly we could consider it a bit “poor” to held here the most important race of the world… basically we are far from the standard drivers are used during a World Championship; I believe that, during these days, organisers collect a lot of feedback on where they need to improve, on the track and mostly outside the track. I hope they can succeed to realize all the changing required because the layout deserve this race.

Entries were few probably due to the IPD rule that IFMAR start couple of years ago; only 40 drivers with Lamberto, Alberto, Pietsch, Bertin and Ermen  as top drivers. Weather was very good from wednesday to monday with 28-30 degrees as average and points of 32-33 degrees in first hours afternoon…

Format of the race was only with 4 rounds 10 min qualifying, 30 mins semi and 1 hour final. Four drivers attended with Infinity platform: Simon Begoin from France, Bilal Suliman from Reunion Island with Alberto and Lamberto heading the team. Practice was good but in first qualifying round many problems dropped our fastest drivers far from the pace; in second leg things starts getting better with 2-3 position and in the third heat Lamberto took a TQ run… In the last round Pietsch was again the fastest securing the pole position with Collari 2nd and Picco 4th fitted in the “SuperPole challenge” for last spot to entry in the Amain directly with John and Adrien. Was Lamberto the fastest in the 6 laps format with a 16,58 sec that in hot conditions could be considered quite good.

Quarter finals put the end at Simon and Bilal race but both were happy of the performance of the car; Alberto made his pace to safely secure a bump up in the main where he starts with number 4. In the Amain Robert, Lamberto and Alberto pulled away from the field and with an early flame out for Pietsch, is the “Infinity team mate battle” that attract the attention of the people trackside: Collari and Picco swapped the lead many times due to different strategies in the pits but on the track oftenly happens that they were really close each other for the excitement of the audience. One tire change for Lamberto and 2 tire change for Alberto: final race result cannot be forecasted but at 40 minute Collari’s engine went rich and run out fuel close to transponder line… It happens again few minutes later allowing Picco to cruise with a comfortable lead until the end taking his first win with the new colours… Well done Albi!!!!


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