In the weekend the new GP Series presented by European Federation was hosted for his second, and final round, in the beautiful venue of MRTM Lostallo already theatre of the 1/8 World Championship in 2009. Located in Canton Ticino, not so far from Italian borders, the race attract 55 drivers from 10 countries all over Europe.

For Infinity Team Lamberto Collari decided to attend the race to refine his preparation to the next World’s with the opportunity to challenge the current WC Simon Kurzbuch at his home track. Also Nicola Marrone chooses our platform to attend the race with former 1/8 Spanish Champion Victor Gonzalez and Gianluca Dalcielo from Italy to complete the “pack” of our car.

In control practice the car worked great in Lamberto’s hands that was the only driver enough close to Simon… Nicola suffered some radio troubles that force him to change his transmitter several times until found a solution of his problems. For Victor and Gianluca the tracktime was really important to get used to the very unique layout of this track and both seemed satisfied of car setting.

In qualifying Kurzbuch showed his confidence TQing all the rounds followed by Collari second in four rounds of five. Marrone and Gonzalez secured a semifinal position and Dalcielo grab a midfield position for quarters final. In the Superpole Challenge Lamberto wins the direct Amain access for 0.03 second in front of current European Champion Robin D’Hont.

The weather that was hot & sunny for the whole week become an issue on Saturday night with a thunderstorm that heavily wet the track. Sunday morning the timetable was postponed of one and half hour to let the track dry. In the B quarter Gianluca collect the result of his efforts of the week; he drove really well for 20 minutes but without the tire change he suffers a lack of performance in the last minutes loosing the chance to challenge the 3rd spot and finished 4th. In the B semifinal Nicola cruised in 2nd position behind the local star Pesenti for most of the time until a battle with Marco Vanni, that recovers the initial gap with an aggressive strategy, forced Marrone to the 3rd position that anyway means Amain! Victor Gonzalez suffered a “pin” issues at his gearbox before the start and he had to call a technical delay; during the semi he recover quickly the field but after twelve minutes a mistake before the back chicane drop him out of “bump-up” battle… Will be for the next time.

The awaited Amain promised a great show to the audience; at the start Simon and Lamberto pulled away from the rest of the drivers having a sensible faster pace… Strategies will play the most important role to decide the win: Kurzbuch pits at 4min mark while Collari decided to go “deeper” for 5 minutes “stints”. At second refueling Simon changed only the outside tires and Lamberto was  comfortably in front. At 15 minute mark was Collari that decided for a full tire change giving back the provisional lead to Kurzbuch until minute 27 where the Swiss champion makes his full tire change. Meanwhile Nicola had unfortunately to retire for some different “little” issues but for the first time with Infinity car he was really satisfied. All the people waiting for Lamberto’s last tire change to know who will win this sort of “heads up race”… Collari made the pit stop at 31 minute so the forecast will be really exciting: the gap it’s only 6,5/7 seconds and the Italian driver had to refuel one time less than Kurzbuch. Last pit stop at 41 minutes show them simultaneously in the pits: at the exit Lamberto quickly fill the gap with Simon but at the penultimate lap, trying to avoid the car in front, Collari brake hard in the bump of the back corner with the result to go wider in the grass loosing the chance of a possible overtake in the final lap… Bad luck for Mattia Pesenti and Kyle Branson that were forced to retire while they were on a podium spot position. Kurzubuch win the race in front of Lamberto and Daniele Ielasi previous winner in Cassino and overall Series Winner; 2nd Simon Kurzbuch and 3rd Lamberto Collari.
Congratulations to all drivers!


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