After a successful Opening Round of ENS Series, last week the Mini Car Club Mulhouse hosted the EFRA 1/10 GP European Championship; also with a difference of almost three months nothing apparently changed with the weather that, once again, was the main character of the competition… Honestly speaking some “fresh” conditions could be welcome in middle august but “rain & cold” is one of the worst enemies of hour hobby. Full of previous experience, Organisers and Federation combined with the Countries TM takes some good decisions that allowed the competitors to run in dry conditions until Saturday morning when firsts lower mains were declared “wet” also if was only a little humid on the track. Good job!

Due to preparations of upcoming 1/8 Worlds next September our Team was represented only by two drivers: Teemu Leino and Francesco Tironi but both are very skilled and long experienced with 1/10 so expectations for a good race was high.

From monday practice Teemu seems “on pace” with only Bruno fastest of the field as he showed at the ENS in May… Both our drivers seeded in top10 until the Control Practice on Wednesday (around noon) where something went wrong with the track that loose some grip for warm conditions compromising the good feeling of the day before for Infinity drivers. By the way nothing  lost or really important as Teemu and Francesco seeded in the second fastest heat…

Qualifying was good for Teemu that, also with a slower heat, succeed to jump in the front of ranking list having some good runs that puts him in a comfortable 4th overall; Francesco struggled a little bit with understeering and less confidence with the category having run 1/10GP last time almost one year ago… At the end also Francesco gain a direct spot for the semis thanks to his big will to drove over the problems. The Superpole Challenge saw our Finnish driver enough competitive but Toni had couple of tenths in the pocket on the single lap and grabs the final spot for the Main.

On Saturday weather is heavily cloudy but everything works smooth… The B-Semi is the stage for Leino (1) and Tironi (8); at the start Teemu had some hard fight to maintain the leadership but after few minutes he puts the “cruise control” for a deserved win… Francesco suffered some contacts in the back of the field but he showed a good pace; his chance to bump up is still tied to a perfect strategy and consistency driving… At the end he grabs a 4th spot but his speed was unmatched from other semis so he could join Teemu in the Amain.

The scheduled Final was delayed for a technical call of Bruno and  simultaneously some drops of rain starts to fall down on the track; race director call a “wet race” reminding the modification of the rules at the microphone. Ten minutes later with a lot of “question mark” in the mind of the mechanics race start… As forecasted from weather apps the rain didn't appear so the strategy assumed more importance in the pit stop; unfortunately both our drivers loose their chances in the early stage with Teemu that flame out in his fuel stop entry lap and Francesco that had to fight hard with the field loosing lot of precious time… One tire change seemed to be the correct choice and almost all finalist choose this solution. At the flag Teemu with perseverance succeed to recover a final 5th place and Francesco a well deserved 7th place… Congratulations to Toni for his deserved win! See you all again in France for 1/8 WORLDS!


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