2016 Picco Onroad Challenge


02/03 April 2016

Lamberto Collari took his first victory with Infinity car at Picco Challenge held in Fiorano last week. He was really fast and consistent from the beginning of the race challenging with Robert Pietsch for the TQ of the event: they are tie after the 4 qualifying format with 2 rounds each but the win of the sunday morning “rocket round” allow the german driver to start on pole. Good news also for Infinity team with Tironi closest “on pace” starting 3rd, Raiola that found a good set-up during the heats finishing with an 8th position. For the main final also Teemu Leino grab a spot getting a second position on Bmain also without using any type of “tire sauce” preparing incoming ENS conditions.

In the final the 9-time World Champion took control of the race after few laps where he suffers lack of power in some corners and mastered his strategy although a strong charge in final laps allows Michele Romagnoli to close the gap. Michele deserved the runner-up position with a very good drive and excellent pit job of his brother. Carmine Raiola complete the podium as 15 days ago in the same track grabbing the third position with a very consistence race. Teemu Leino finish in 5th more than happy of the handling of his Infinity car and Francesco Tironi had sadly to retire due to a broken needle when he’s fighting for the lead.

A very nice event with lot of drivers attending and friendly ambience. Many thanks to Picco’s family  and Fiorano staff for inviting our team.
See you all at first ENS race!


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