Pro Stock Series Final


02 OCTOBER 2016

Last weekend the final of the Pro Stock Series took place at Waechtersbach in Germany.
Without any practice heat because of rain, the race started with wet qualification heats sunday morning and only the last two heats were completely dry.
I had the fastest laptimes and the car worked quite well with a nearly standard setup on this short and tight track; I only missed the TQ spot because of some little mistakes. So I was ranked 2nd after the qualification, didn't have to drive the semi final and started 2nd in the main. After some small setup changes to get more steering the car was quite perfect now and after two laps I took the lead in the final. Unluckily after 5 mins the clutch was starting to have problem and I feel like have no power out of the corners… I focus on the driving managing the clutch problems and my Infinity was still the fastest car on the track and i saved my 1st position over the 30min final. Thanks to Oli for his help in the pits! Now I’m looking forward to ENS round 4!



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