1/8 IC IFMAR WC Brazil



Zeca Elias Track - Americana SP 13-22/11/2015

All the team drivers were really excited to attend the most heritage race in the world… This appointment held only once every two year is the “holy graal” of any r/c enthusiast. We support the event with an agreement with organizers and international federations to promote at maximum level our commitment in the racing scene. Format of the competition is of 10 days but some rules has changed to allow a fair competition between drivers and we are happy of that; we have always to take in mind that a fair race will be the best advertisement for our hobby… For that organizers sets an “IPD” practice time allowed for all drivers that never run on this track. In the first 2 IPD days were young japanese Shoki Takahake that set the pace followed close by Dario Balestri and Lamberto Collari driving his Infinity prototype car.

The race definitely starts with practice heats for all the drivers on sunday… After 10 practice heats and 4 controlled practice fastest guys are very close each others; Balestri lead the practice and Hächler leads the CP ranking but in the last of the four CP heats were Lamberto Collari that prove to the field his racing pace signing an impressive 35L 10.15,505… He sits in 7th position with his Infinity team mate Carmine Raiola in 10th.

In quali heats were swiss driver Simon Kurzbuch that get the TQ honor with an astonishing drive in the first 4 rounds… Takaaki Shimo from Japan could match his pace only in the last rounds sitting on a 2nd place. Jesse Davis from Australia at his 1/8 IFMAR debut were the biggest surprise: he drove amazing in the bumpy wall/narrow brazilian track sitting from the beginning in a top10 spot with his OSpowered Infinity platform; only a mechanical failure in the last round could drop him from a well deserved top5 position. Lamberto has to face off some problems in the first 2 rounds that heavy penalized his chasing to the 10th title; only his great skills, experience and calm allow him to recover a semifinal spot in the last round. For our Infinity team Carmine Raiola, former 2013 Amain finalist, was in quarter finals (16) with Chavit Saligupta (24) and Luke Duthie (25). Thai drivers Trin Tanongsakchaikul sits in eights of finals (33), and Jayden Duthie were the first of 1/16 of final (43). For a brand new company with so many debutant drivers was a good result.

Unfortunately the lower finals weren’t on our side… Jayden starts well with a bump-up but he has to stop in 1/8 like Trin. Quarter finals sign the end for Chavit and Luke and only Carmine gets an access to semifinal… In the Bsemi Carmine fights for a long time to deserve an Amain spot but a flame out penalized him; in the Asemi at the first left corner Jesse pushed from rear spins out hitting Lamberto that broke his car on the wall; also Jesse had to retire few laps later…

The final was really exciting with the 1 hour battle between Simon and Takaaki… Many times they switch the lead and at the end were the swiss driver the new crowned WC… Nice Job Simon!



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