Campionato Italiano Costruttori



Last week I decided to attend at first important race of the 2016 season joining my team mates Francesco and Lamberto at Fiorano track for the “Campionato Italiano Costruttori”. It’s a different “format” race with some racetime saved to be spend for workshop with manufacturers. An interesting idea and for this 1st edition160 drivers attend in 2 categories: 1/8 and 1/10. Nice job Ric!

After the winter pause it was the first opportunity to compare our progress with the rest of the field; friday were an amazing day with Francesco, me and Lamberto topping the fastest lap time sheet. An impressive 1-2-3 for Infinity team!!

Saturday the qualifying were little bit tough with some problems with the traffic because all drivers were really close. I managed to get the Amain spot with 8th overall position: not so good not so bad.

Sunday I check my stuff in the Amain practice and I were confident in a good result; the start of the main were not so good with some drivers causing harsh contacts. I stay calm and I try to made my pace to recover the field; it was not so easy but for the entire race I were in the same lap of chasing drivers. Pirani were out of sight but the “pack” were just in front of me; step by step I gain positions and at 30 minute mark, after the tires change I get a deserved 5th position and in the last 15 minutes I managed to grab the 3rd podium spot…

I’m happy of my race also if sure could be better but, mostly, I am happy of all the test we complete for the upcoming season; I hope it will be an exciting 2016 for me and the whole Infinity team. I wanna say a big thank to my father that always work to better my car and to the Infinity team for all the help. See you next race!

Carmine Raiola



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