Sagamido Challenge Opening Round



Last sunday the first round of Sagamido Challenge took place at SRT located Aikou district Kanagawa prefecture Japan. The whole event was characterized by a really nice weather; there were four different class attending the race. 1/8 Racing expert class, 1/8 Racing sport class, 1/10 GPT class and 1/8 GT class. 55 drivers attended this race from far away.

Me and Komuro San, that is Sagamido owner, had attend the competition with our Infinity platform. Usually there are high grip track conditions at SRT; this time, due to the strong wind the day before we have unexpected low grip on the track during the race. Timetable was 2 round of qualify of 4 minutes. I have managed a 4th spot on the grid after some technical problem in the first round and Komuro San was 9th on Amain grid. The ranking sees World’s runner-up Takahaki Shimo on TQ followed by young talent Shoki Takahata and Keisuke Fukuda in 3rd position.

Amain is a 20 minutes race; unfortunately I had a bad start crashing in the first corner after the horn… The guys in front of me were steady and fast but my pace were really good and I manage to pass Fukuda San during the early stages of the race. After this i was able to start hunting for Takahata and Shimo that are leading the race. In the middle of the race grip conditions change quickly increasing the overall grip and putting the other competitors in trouble. Most of the field started suffering with traction roll, causing them to make some mistakes. My car worked flawless for all the final allowing me to grab the victory 1 lap ahead of Shimo San and Takahata San. Can’t wait to fly to Italy to attend at opening season round of ENS!!! See you soon!!!



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