IF11 - 1/10 FORMULA

IF11 - 1/10 FORMULA


Is this a scale model car or a racing car?
Does it just look cool or does it run well too?

INFINITY has a new product that says "yes" to all these.

INFINITY has created the IF11 to awaken your passion for F1 racing.
IF11 boasts rigidity, strength and tuning flexibility to provide an excellent racing car.
The hybrid monocoque chassis resembles that of a full size racing car
Kingpins, coil-spring front suspension and side link 3P rear suspension contribute to superb handling and high traction.
The hybrid monocoque chassis has all these qualities in perfect balance

IF11 is the perfect car for Formula 1 car enthusiast
IF11 and INFINITY will keep striving to improve and push your performance to the next level.

A new legend begins