Is this a scale model car or a racing car?
Does it just look cool or does it run well too?

INFINITY has a new product that says "yes" to all these.

INFINITY has created the IF11 to awaken your passion for F1 racing.
IF11 boasts rigidity, strength and tuning flexibility to provide an excellent racing car.
The hybrid monocoque chassis resembles that of a full size racing car
Kingpins, coil-spring front suspension and side link 3P rear suspension contribute to superb handling and high traction.
The hybrid monocoque chassis has all these qualities in perfect balance

IF11 is the perfect car for Formula 1 car enthusiast
IF11 and INFINITY will keep striving to improve and push your performance to the next level.

A new legend begins


Suspension holder directly mounted on lower bulkhead. One-piece type aluminum servo, steering mount. Completely renewed symmetry design main chassis and top deck is the optimum adaption that will deliver stable steering feeling and traction control. Machine potential sophisticated at real race scene of TITC, ETS, and CETC by top level drivers.


Based on our 2017 World Championship winning Infinity 1/8 platform, that also claimed TQ & Super Pole and filed 5 of the 10 spots on the grid of the Main final, the new IF18 is an evolution of that winning package. Featuring a number of significant updates, it continues Infinity’s aim to express the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and new developments include completely new front and rear A7075 bulk head designs. Giving the car a new suspension geometry in combination with longer suspension arms for improved stability, the design has taken into account ease of access to drastically improve the ability to carry out maintenance. Other key features of the new IF18 kit include the inclusion of a light weight clutch and 2-speed. The IF18 takes a World beating to the next level.


Based on the World Champion IF15, this wide chassis kit features exclusive new front and rear shock towers and body mounts as standard items, as well as wide tires to create a 235mm wide race chassis for use with racing-type body. The newly designed front one way drive is included in the kit to help produce sharp turn in that matches the racing-type body. The racing-type body boasts unparalleled aerodynamic performance providing higher cornering speeds than that of a regular sedan body. Most of the existing optional parts for the IF15 can still be used allowing you to upgrade your car and improve performance.

CM-00009 - IF18-2 - 1/8 ONROAD RACING CAR

The next generation of IF18, the car which won the World Championship in 2017!
Since its debut the IF18 has been loved by 1/8 racers in many countries and has seen success all over the world.
The outstanding rear stability will remain unchanged and this time the front section has been redesigned.
INFINITY team drivers from around the world have helped with development and tested this new geometry over a long period of time to help break new ground in the 1/8 racing category.

CM-00010 - IF14-2 FWD 1/10 EP FWD TOURING CAR

DISCONTINUED, replaced by CM-00011

Newly designed 1/10 scale electric FWD touring car based on the IF14-2, which has proven its high potential in many races.
The ideal front-rear weight balance for a FWD touring car has been achieved. The result is a model that balances cornering speed and traction at a high level, and gives you easy and fun driving that is typical of FWD touring cars.

CM-00011 - IF14-2 TEAM EDITION

Developed for the 2022 IFMAR World Championship with direct input and test information gathered by Infinity team drivers.
Major spare parts and optional parts are the same as IF14-2.