A0067 - INFINITY JUMBO TROLLEY BAG (with Plastic Cardboard Box 4pcs)

This INFINITY jumbo trolley bag is big enough to accommodate all necessary equipment for RC races (70x48x28cm). Four pieces of INFINITY Plastic Cardboard Box (47x21.5x13cm) can fit inside. With the wheels and the retractable handle, you can easily carry this bag even stuffed with heavy items inside.
* Make sure the total weight of the contents does not exceed 23kg to prevent damages to the bag.

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A gauge that accurately measures the amount the clutch nut has been tightened. This enables quick and accurate clutch setting when driving at the circuit. The tip is a precision machined aluminum part that supports accurate measurements.

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B01308 - M3x8mm BUTTON HEAD SCREW (10pcs)

The standard screws for the IF14-2 kit available in 10pcs packs. The screws used in all INFINITY kits are made of high performance steel and made in Japan. They are extremely stable and strong when tightened. Recommended not only as a spare part but also as a setting option.

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A0072 - INFINITY RACING WEIGHT (Black/5g/10pcs)

Black color original racing weight with Infinity logo. Supplied with double sided tape pre-installed, they are ready to use immediately after trimming. Each piece is compact in size and features smooth edges, perfect for adding additional weight into any RC car. 12x19x3mm (thickness does not include double-sided tape) 5g x 10pcs