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The 3D construction and adjustable ear laces together with adjustable nose wire allows for a tight yet comfortable fit for all faces. The mask itself is washable and features a filter pocket on the inside.
(Filters and other items sold separately)
This product is not a medical or anti-virus mask.
Please use the product for your own protection against splashing or when cleaning your RC parts.

A0059-B - INFINITY Round Logo Cap


This stylish baseball cap has a band on the back for size adjustment. The cap features a printed WORLD CHAMPIONS TEAM logo to celebrate the team’s victory in the World Championship.

B06212 - SNAP RING 12mm (6pcs)

The screws and E-rings included in the IF18-2 kit are now available for sale as individual items. The screws used in the INFINITY kits are made of high strength steel and made in Japan. The fit when tightened is perfectly matched to the IF18-2. Recommended as standard and also setting parts.

CM-A002-90 - SILICONE DIFF OIL 9000 (60cc)

INFINITY silicone diff oil, formulated from pure silicone oil and carefully manufactured under strict viscosity control to provide the stability when making setup changes. Now available in 3000, 7000 and 9000 versions. The lineup now includes 3000 to 10000 in increments of 1000, allowing for finer tuning of the differential depending on track conditions.

CM-A005-30: ALUMINUM WASHER 3x6x3.0mm (Red/10pcs)

A vivid red anodized version has been added to the aluminum spacer series (3mm in inner diameter). It helps you dress up your machine. If you use this red anodized version and the black version in different specifications in a setting, you can easily distinguish them.

B01305 - M3x5mm BUTTON HEAD SCREW (10pcs)

The standard screws for the IF14-2 kit available in 10pcs packs. The screws used in all INFINITY kits are made of high performance steel and made in Japan. They are extremely stable and strong when tightened. Recommended not only as a spare part but also as a setting option.