CM-A001-600 - SILICONE SHOCK OIL 600 (60cc)

Ensured stable damping force due to the original -blend silicone oils we highly selected. Since viscosity is professionally controlled and produced, it is always possible accurate and stable setting.

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B01318 - M3x18mm BUTTON HEAD SCREW (6pcs)

The screws and E-rings included in the IF18-2 kit are now available for sale as individual items. The screws used in the INFINITY kits are made of high strength steel and made in Japan. The fit when tightened is perfectly matched to the IF18-2. Recommended as standard and also setting parts.


A gauge that accurately measures the amount the clutch nut has been tightened. This enables quick and accurate clutch setting when driving at the circuit. The tip is a precision machined aluminum part that supports accurate measurements.

B06105 - 5.0mm E RING (10pcs)

The standard screws for the IF15 kit available in 6-10pcs packs. The screws used in all INFINITY kits are made of high performance steel and made in Japan. They are extremely stable and strong when tightened. Recommended not only as a spare part but also as a setting option.


With the INFINITY logo on the top and the team’s image colors of black and red, this cloth tool bag is very stylish. This versatile bag can be used for carrying hand tools and other various RC goods. Inside dimension: 18x10x6cm


The ultra-lightweight machined aluminum grip is finished perfectly with the Team INFINITY logo and black and red anodizing. The overall thickness and knurling position have been optimized to provide an excellent grip. The tip is made of carbide steel and is perfectly sized to fit each size of screw head, making it the world's top team spec tool.

A0106 - INFINITY WHEEL REAMER (for 1/8 Racing/12.0mm)

Wheel reamer to widen the hole diameter of 1/8 GP racing car wheels to the optimum size.
If the wheel and axle shaft are too tight, it can cause problems such as not being able to install the wheel correctly or not being able to change tires efficiently during pit stops.
This wheel reamer is used by threading it through the hole in the wheel while turning it.