T060-1.4 - ANTI-ROLL BAR FRONT 1.4mm

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T121 - VZ STEERING BLOCK (Graphite/Super Hard)

Newly designed steering block. Steering angle stopper is additionally equipped.
Steering is adjustable at any angle of incidence. Lineup of Hard & Graphite material.
Hard material is suitable for fundamental condition and provides stable grip.
For high grip surface and expecting quick response, graphite material is recommended to use.

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T112-41 - D.J.CVD DRIVE SHAFT 41mm

Short type (41mm) front drive shaft rather than the kit standard front drive shaft (42mm).
Offers a linear steering feel, making the car easier to drive when used in high traction or oversteer situations.

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When using the HBP mount it can be difficult to accurately position the rear body post holes in the bodyshell. By using this rear body height fitter it is quick and easy to precisely position the body post holes at the desired body height.