T313 - ALU CVD DRIVE SHAFT 43mm (Hard Anodized)

Spare Part for IF14-2 Team Edition

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T050B - STEEL BALL END 4.9mm MEDIUM (4pcs)

This is a set of 4.9mm ball ends made of strong and high-precision hard steel. The screw part is shorter than the 7mm ones. The ball surface is smoother than that of the conventional one (T050), yet sold at a competitive price.


This is a smaller foam bumper for the IF14 which features a chamfered leading edge making it more suitable for the latest breed racing body shells. SMJ zero gap tape can be used for fine tuning.

CM-A005-20 - ALUMINUM WASHER 3x6x2.0mm (Red/10pcs)

A vivid red anodized version has been added to the aluminum spacer series (3mm in inner diameter). It helps you dress up your machine. If you use this red anodized version and the black version in different specifications in a setting, you can easily distinguish them.


Reviewed steering angle, front D.J.CVD drive shaft.
With use of aluminum bell crank (T093), smoothly can provide the drive power at wide steering angle.
Assemblage of wheel axle and drive shaft must be Ver.2 -to-Ver.2