T155 - O-RING 1x7.5mm (4pcs)

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T121 - VZ STEERING BLOCK (Graphite/Super Hard)

Newly designed steering block. Steering angle stopper is additionally equipped.
Steering is adjustable at any angle of incidence. Lineup of Hard & Graphite material.
Hard material is suitable for fundamental condition and provides stable grip.
For high grip surface and expecting quick response, graphite material is recommended to use.


The shock tower Ver.B is made up after continuous feedback from Team INFINITY drivers in the worlds
Newly designed shock positions will provide you stable grip balance in various condition.
Perfectly suitable when you like to make the driving feel milder than kit normal.


Reviewed steering angle, front D.J.CVD drive shaft.
With use of aluminum bell crank (T093), smoothly can provide the drive power at wide steering angle.
Assemblage of wheel axle and drive shaft must be Ver.2 -to-Ver.2

T130 - TOP DECK 1.6mm

Made of superior quality 1.6mm thickness of U.S.A. carbon material.
Compare with kit normal thickness 2.0mm, further chassis flex is gained and initial steering response can be increased.
Provides great efficiency use with optional Aluminum Flex Main Chassis(T109).

T158 - TITAN BALL END 4.9mm SHORT (4pcs)

This is a new set of super strong and high-precision 4.9mm titanium ball ends for the IF14. Each set is about 8g lighter than the steel ones and the polished ball surface ensures the ball end moves smoothly for a long time.

T049B - STEEL BALL END 4.9mm SHORT (4pcs)

This is a set of 4.9mm ball ends made of strong and high-precision hard steel. The screw part is shorter than the 5mm ones. The ball surface is smoother than that of the conventional one (T049), yet sold at a competitive price.