Replacement parts for G125 Adjustable front one way set. For use when cup and shaft see general wear and tare.

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G153 - FRONT SHOCK TOWER (Short/7075)

This shock tower is used in combination with a specially developed short-type shock.
The suspension stroke is equal to that of the standard type, and combined with the low center of gravity, the shocks provide increased response and cornering.
The front and rear mounting positions are also carefully designed to keep the upper and lower mounting surfaces the same.
The upper fixing surface is offset by 1mm to keep the upper and lower mounting surfaces the same, the shape takes advantage of the machined A7075 material.

In the case of use with IF15W the racing body SMJ C235 can be optimized and mounted 3.5mm lower when using G147 short front shock set.


By replacing the original kit plastic part with this high-precision 7075 machined part, all flex and deflection will be eliminated, resulting in excellent consistency and sharp steering characteristics.


This is an upgraded version of IF15front one-way set. By replacing the bevel gear with the newly-designed one-way plate, The one way dampening effect can be better controlled. In addition, this set enables the operation to be more stable for a longer period of time. Silicone oil of a part number between 100000 and 500000 and rubber glue or silicon sealing agent are required for assembly.

G155 - REAR SHOCK TOWER (Short/Carbon)

Features the same design shape as G154 rear shock tower (standard / carbon)
but designed to be used in combination with a specially developed short type shock.
The total shock length is shortened by 4 mm.
The suspension stroke is maintained the same as the std shock type, and combined with the lower center of gravity, this offers sharper cornering and increased reaction.
The body mount is 3.5 mm lower (one step of the body pin), which also contributes to lowering the center of gravity.

The shock mounting positions have been optimised to only the three inner positions, allowing for extra strength in this area in the event of a crash.

G121-14 - CHASSIS WEIGHT 14g

G121-14 Chassis weight is 14g, half that of G0121 original optional chassis weight. Perfect for making finer setting adjustments. Can be used in all sliding weight positions and front bumper on IF15.