R0252T19 - 0.8M 1st PINION GEAR 19T

A new lineup of pinion gears for the IF18-2 with a hard coating on 7075 aluminium material. Offered in all teeth sizes to fine tune gear ratio according to the engine and track layout.

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B06103 - 3.0mm E RING (10pcs)

The screws and E-rings included in the IF18-2 kit are now available for sale as individual items. The screws used in the INFINITY kits are made of high strength steel and made in Japan. The fit when tightened is perfectly matched to the IF18-2. Recommended as standard and also setting parts.


The ultra-lightweight machined aluminum grip is finished perfectly with the Team INFINITY logo and black and red anodizing. The overall thickness and knurling position have been optimized to provide an excellent grip. The tip is made of carbide steel and is perfectly sized to fit each size of screw head, making it the world's top team spec tool.


The INFINITY Ultra High Speed Fuel Gun features a faster fuel release than anything that has come before it. If you want to stand out from your rivals during a race, this is an item you should not miss!
The lineup includes two types: an orthodox gun type and a side-trigger type with intuitive, straight-forward access to the fuel tank, both with the INFINITY logo.
Several mechanics used this Ultra High Speed Fuel Gun at the 2022 GP Touring World Championships, helping Matsukura get the TQ and Sahashi the overall World  Championship.

A0067 - INFINITY JUMBO TROLLEY BAG (with Plastic Cardboard Box 4pcs)


This INFINITY jumbo trolley bag is big enough to accommodate all necessary equipment for RC races (70x48x28cm). Four pieces of INFINITY Plastic Cardboard Box (47x21.5x13cm) can fit inside. With the wheels and the retractable handle, you can easily carry this bag even stuffed with heavy items inside.
* Make sure the total weight of the contents does not exceed 23kg to prevent damages to the bag.


This carrying bag is brightly colored with INFINITY brand colors of black and red.
Includes three plastic boxes (A003), which are more durable and water-resistant than ordinary cardboard boxes. 1/10 scale touring car fits perfectly in the bag, along with tires, parts, chargers, etc. and can be stored in an organized manner. The side opening has a double zipper for ease of use.
Outer dimensions: 23 cm (Length) x 48 cm (Width) x 41 cm (Height)
Inner box: 21.5 cm (L) x 47 cm (W) x 13 cm (H)

B03310 - M3x10mm CAP HEAD SCREW (8pcs)

The standard screws for the IF15 kit available in 6-10pcs packs. The screws used in all INFINITY kits are made of high performance steel and made in Japan. They are extremely stable and strong when tightened. Recommended not only as a spare part but also as a setting option.

A0059-B - INFINITY Round Logo Cap


This stylish baseball cap has a band on the back for size adjustment. The cap features a printed WORLD CHAMPIONS TEAM logo to celebrate the team’s victory in the World Championship.