SMJ1201 - STEALTH LINE SPRING TS2.7 (Short/2pcs)

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By reducing the rigidity of the front shock tower connecting point to the upper bulkhead, the stiffness around the front bulkhead section is reduced and the overall chassis flex is increased, resulting in a calmer initial steering response. This reduction in initial stiffness helps smooth out cornering and can help reduce tyre wear.

T144 - WHEEL SHIM 0.5mm (SUS/8pcs)

By adding these wheel shims between the hex wheel hub and the wheel, you can fine-tune the cars track width quickly. Available in two thicknesses of 0.25mm and 0.5mm. 8pcs are included in each.

T112-41 - D.J.CVD DRIVE SHAFT 41mm

Short type (41mm) front drive shaft rather than the kit standard front drive shaft (42mm).
Offers a linear steering feel, making the car easier to drive when used in high traction or oversteer situations.