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2021 - Mid-Region Championship (GERMANY)

2021 - Mid-Region Championship (GERMANY)

Mid-Region Championship (GERMANY)

The first round of Mid-Region Championship was held at the difficult track in Wiesbaden. A total entry of 42 drivers that need to provide negative test for Covid-19 or been fully vaccinated. A nice thing, everybody was able to made the test at the track by authorized staff. Big thank for this opportunity to the members from WMC-Wiesbaden!

Saturday saw 2 rounds of qualifying, another 2 was planned for sunday morning, but unfortunately it was cancelled because of bad weather and a wet track.

In 1/8 Expert class Dennis Wehiert could claim 3rd place after 2 rounds, that brought him directly in the 30min final. In the Amain he defended his position and finished 3rd behind Toni Gruber that won and former team mate Oliver Mack in 2nd. Congrats! Congrats also to Peter Poldvere who come over the Semi-Final in the Main and ended up on a respectful 9th place!

After 3 years without any racing or practice, Armin Wehiert try his luck in the amateur class. 6th position after qualifying was better than expected; he won his semi final and finished 5th in the 30min Amain final.

In his first Nitro Race ever, Marc Schmitt ended up in 6th place overall with his IF15.

Good weekend for Team Infinity in Germany.


3-23-15 Kamijima, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, 433-8122 Japan
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