2024 ORT Nitro Party Race

2024 ORT Nitro Party Race

2024 ORT Nitro Party Race
28 April, 2024

This weekend I attended the ORT Nitro Party Race in Chanthaburi. The track, located around a 4-hour drive from Bangkok on the southeast side, is interesting and offers a nice layout comparable to RC Addict.

Usually, many customers and enthusiasts attend races at this venue, but this time, the RC busy schedule in late April offered nice events almost every weekend, so customers had to choose, dramatically reducing the number of entries.

Regardless, it was a good time to conduct some tests in extremely hot conditions. Sometimes, when the temperature is this hot (around 37 degrees Celsius with high humidity), it's difficult to find good grip around the track. However, this time, the overall grip was quite good, and my previous setup was far too stable, so I made some adjustments. I used hard compound lower arms and hubs in the rear, and I also adjusted some settings such as shock springs, where I adopted SMJ 8.0 in the front and 5.9 in the rear, along with a wide front stay and 550 oil.

These settings were aimed at providing my IF18-3 with a bit more stability in high-speed sections and more agility in tight corners.

Qualifying saw Chavit taking the TQ; the A-main started well with him and myself leading the pack for a while until Chavit encountered some engine troubles. I was in the lead until 12 minutes from the end of the 45-minute final when I faced some engine troubles too, and Tee, who was super consistent in only his second participation in 1/8 on-road racing, grabbed the win! Good job, Tee!!!

See you in a few days...

Andy Moore

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