Hverven Raceway (NOR)
14/16 June, 2024

The Infinity team drivers, Francesco Tironi and Alexander Johansson, once again showcased the exceptional quality of our products at the inaugural 2024 Oslo Open Nitro Race, held at the prestigious Hverven Raceway, south of the Norwegian capital. Organized by the Oslo Modellbilklubb, the event attracted a strong international participation, including a significant presence of our 1:8 and 1:10 models.

After four rounds of qualifying, Francesco secured the overall TQ honors in the 1:8 category, surpassing his teammate Teemu Leino. Together, they left no room for their competitors, each recording two TQs in the four qualifying heats. Tironi's success was further highlighted by his performance in the half-hour final, delayed by rain, where he dominated from start to finish, setting the fastest lap of the race and finishing almost a lap ahead of the second-place finisher. This is a further testament to the remarkable skills of the Italian driver, who recently made it to the World Championship finals in Japan.

In the 1:10 category, young Alexander Johansson delivered a stunning performance. Despite qualifying third, Alex capitalized on the early issues faced by his teammate and compatriot Viktor Wilck to seize the victory. Viktor, after a forced stop, made a furious comeback, managing to secure the third step on the podium.

The highly variable weather conditions impacted the race, often shuffling the standings and forcing drivers to continually adjust their setups. Both the IF18-3 and the IF15-2 demonstrated their capability to perform excellently in these mixed conditions, allowing us to clinch victory at one of the most important events held in Northern Europe since the 2016 European Championship! The expertise and tremendous effort put forth by the organizers helped mitigate the weather-related challenges, ensuring a memorable event for all participants, to whom we extend our applause. See you next year!

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