9-12 February, 2024

The Montpellier Grand Prix has been the season opener for 1/8 buggy outdoor racing in Europe for over a decade. This year, the format has changed, foregoing the warm-up to add an extra day of racing, allowing more track time for participants. This change has been warmly welcomed by all and has also helped mitigate the damage from the constantly looming bad weather during this "classic".

On Thursday, Ricky topped the time sheets, earning himself the number 1 spot. On Friday, Juan Carlos emerged victorious in the reduced, 4-heat qualifiers due to sudden rain. The excellent work of the organizers allowed for adjustments to the race schedule, ensuring nearly perfect execution given the overall conditions.

Saturday saw the start of the early stages of the race on a track meticulously prepared by the French organizers, who covered the track overnight. By Sunday, for the semifinals, the track was in excellent condition and had almost regained the general grip of the rain-free days. The evolving track surface gave Riccardo and his IFB8 a slight advantage, allowing him to snatch pole position for the A-Main by winning Semi B with a faster time than Semi A.

The one-hour final provided a spectacle of the highest level: in addition to the anticipated duel between Ricky and Juan Carlos, Davide, in "world-class" form, joined to enliven one of the most fiercely contested races in recent years. For all 60 minutes, spectators held their breath, enjoying the battle on the edge of hundredths of a second. The changing track conditions favored the participants in turn, allowing the three to take the lead in the race. In the end, the last 10/15 minutes belonged to Riccardo, who kept his cool, crossing the finish line with a margin of one second over Juan Carlos and just over a second and a half over Davide! It's a significant first victory for the IFB8, which will soon be available in stores. Thank you, Riccardo, for giving it to us!

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