18/22 June, 2024

The 2024 EFRA 1/10 Nitro Touring Car European Championship saw a triumphant return for Dario Balestri, who dominated the event, securing TQ and the final victory, leading an impressive 1-2 finish for Team Infinity alongside teammate Jilles Groskamp. The competition took place at the Le Model’Club Thionvillois circuit in northern France, where the rain affected the race, adding an extra level of challenge for the drivers. The timetable changed multiple times, forcing the drivers to adapt to mixed grip conditions, which are far from ideal for our hobby.

The qualifying rounds saw Dario dominate the first three sessions, securing pole position for Saturday's A-main. As a double European champion in this category, Dario was the one who best interpreted the unusual and difficult French track layout. His performance in the qualifiers was impeccable, confirming his status as one of the best drivers in the world of radio-controlled car racing.

Groskamp, the fastest in qualifiers 4 and 5, secured second place on the starting grid, ensuring a 1-2 for our team. Half of the final's starting grid was composed of IF15-2 models, highlighting the quality and competitiveness of Infinity cars.

The 45-minute final saw Balestri maintain his lead with a dominant performance. Despite only one mistake less than 10 minutes from the end, when he went off the track, Balestri's advantage over Toni remained intact. Gruber, the reigning champion, could not capitalize on this opportunity and soon after suffered a flameout. This allowed Balestri to consolidate his leading position, with Jilles second and Carmine Raiola third, though Raiola later had to cede his position to Gruber's comeback.

Carmine finished just off the podium in fourth place, confirming his great competitiveness in every category he competes in. Jilles Groskamp maintained a steady and competitive pace, securing a well-deserved second place, contributing to the team’s extraordinary performance.

With an outstanding overall performance, Infinity drivers once again demonstrated the qualities of the IF15-2. More importantly, they created a supportive environment for development, helping customers present to get the best out of their models and enjoy themselves even in such adverse conditions. See you at the next 1/8 European Championship, this time in Italy, in Locorotondo next September! See you there...

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