2018 EFRA GP SERIES 2018 Rd.2

2018 EFRA GP SERIES 2018 Rd.2


One month after Fiorano is RACG club, close to Grenoble, the host of the second round of GP series presented by EFRA. This location will be probably chosen to held next 1/8 European Championship in 2019. The Club was well organized with a good number of person as staff very helpful and friendly. The complex is quite amazing with an impressive on road track as “main focus” completed by EP/GP buggy track on the opposite side. Pit stands are really huge and comfortable as the rostrum that was really deep and big.

For Infinity official team was Carmine, Francesco and Alberto that attends the race with Bilal of Infinity France in support from Reunion Island. Practice was very good with Raiola “on fire” that immediately built a good feeling with this track that we could define as “tricky” with not a really difficult layout but very tough to complete a “perfect” lap. The back chicane is really a “pif-paf” where entering line is the most complicate thing to do; correct line and good speed means couple of tenths gained! Also Tironi after few heats gets his confidence with the layout seeding 2nd with a good pace; Alberto mostly developed his new engine loosing some time but gained comfortably the fastest heat.

Saturday morning the appearance of Simon added more excitement to the race expecting him fast as usual even without the necessary practice. Carmine won the first round in front of Francesco confirming their “good shape”. Unfortunately, due to a problem with the counting system race was “freezed” more than one hour and we have to wait until lunch break to get the official results with the impression that round could be cancelled. This waiting damage the “concentration” of Raiola in second round that makes an error in the big sweeper while Francesco, steady in the pace, gets third behind Pirani and Gruber getting also the overall lead. Picco finish 5th with good improvements. The 3rd round signed the “end of practice” for Simon… he got the TQ with Carmine in his roots very close and in the 4th round was Carmine to set again a TQ run for a definitive #1 in the main thanks to fastest run obtained in the morning. The final round sees Toni as winner with Francesco second and qualified for superpole with Pirani, Gruber and Kurzbuch. After 5 minutes warmup for all a rain shower forced organizers to postpone the challenge at Sunday morning.

Sunday starts first with the lower mains and after couple of phases was again Superpole; Francesco drove really well but his choice to use the best set of tires available didn’t paid off as diameter was too low providing him not enough acceleration and high speed. He must pass trough B semi where he won staying in control in front of John to secure a main spot. In the other A semi Alberto was really careful driving faultless taking the 5 place plate for the Amain.

After drivers presentation and a technical delay Amain finally starts with Carmine that open a little gap on Simon with Alberto that immediately jump in “podium area” with a couple of overtakes… Francesco hardly fought in the back of the pack showing a good pace. After first refueling an error costs to Raiola the race as 2 speed get “loose” making shifting unstable… Simon acquire the lead but few minutes later he finish his race in the grass; Francesco tried a different tire strategy but this drop him out of the fight for the podium. Alberto, Toni and Carmine sweeps the lead for long time for the different fuel strategy but is a “stop&go” for Alberto that stops him in the chasing for first position. Carmine push till the end signing also the fastest lap of the final but Toni cruised “mistakes free” for more than 30 minutes securing a deserved win. Carmine and Alberto fill the podium with Francesco 5th overall. Nice  team job!
See you all in Ettlingen!

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