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Last weekend was held the Final round of the European Federation Series at the MiniClub RC in Türkheim in the south of Germany.

The track, lay downed on beautiful green nature, perfectly fit 1/10 category and in fact the club will host the next European Championship in middle August; for 1/8 category seemed little bit more “tight” and challenging. Due to incoming Euros most of drivers attended the 1/10 nitro where Dario and Carmine hold top 2 spots in overall ranking; in 1/8 Teemu still had a chance for the title with Francesco and Oliver in support.

The race was accompanied finally by a great weather and all drivers enjoyed the time there… In both classes was immediately clear that home-drivers Toni and Dominic were more confident on this particular fast layout… In 1/8 Oliver was super fast in the practice taking #1 but after qualifying start he didn’t found the pace for all 4 minutes; Teemu and Franci struggled little bit more due to some inconvenient but at the end all three bumped up in the final. In 1/10 Dario was the only one that can Tq’ed a qualy round and he also won the Superpole challenge while Carmine faced some little problems that solved only in semifinal deserving his spot for Amain.

In good hot conditions the 1/8 main was dominated by Gruber and rest of the pack fight for the whole 45 minutes with our drivers mostly unlucky in some episodes… Teemu succeed to grab home the Overall Series 3rd spot and wasn’t bad looking to next Worlds in Fontana next October. In 1/10 Dario tried to challenge Dominic in the first part of the race where they are close, with Leo as serious contender, also for their different pit strategy… Carmine had to recover from a bad start but he showed all his skill driving well and closing the gap from the lead unfortunately without getting a deserved podium spot. At the end Dario took a look to the Championships where he bringing home the title arriving 2nd just in front of Carmine that finish overall second. Good job guys. See you there in middle August!



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