B02306-T - M3x6mm TITANIUM FLAT HEAD SCREW (30pcs)

A 30pcs pack of M3x6mm flat head titanium screws, as used in the Aluminum & Titainium screw sets. Precise 2mm hex hole size to reduce play when you insert the wrench, allowing you to tighten the screw firmly. A great value pack.

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A2355C - INFINITY TOOL HANDLE END CAP (5.5mm Hex Socket)

Aluminum end caps are now available to further enhance your Infinity Tool Series. The tool series which are already on the market feature high quality, cool appearance, excellent workability and comfort when working on your car.  In addition to the bright red color with markings to recognize the type of tool at a glance, the cap is free to rotate when attached to the tool grip. This allows the user to hold the cap in the palm of the hand while turning the tool with the fingertips, enabling fine and continuous work.


Trolley bag with three drawers large enough to hold a 1/8 GP racing car. This carrying bag with casters is easy to move around even when storing all of your race cars, tools, spare parts, chargers, and other accessories. The cool design features the INFINITY logo in a bright racing rosso color. Main unit size: 55x31x48cm Internal drawer dimensions: 50x27x13cm


USB rechargeable hanging neck fan. Hands free cooling that can be used while working on your car or driving. Free arm movement allows you to position the fans to your favourite angle. Fans feature 3 adjustable speeds. Estimated time of use: Low (480 minutes), Medium speed (240 minutes), High (100 minutes). Weight: Approx 310g
*A separate USB AC adapter is required for charging.

B03212 - M2x12mm CAP HEAD SCREW (10pcs)

The screws and E-rings included in the IF18-2 kit are now available for sale as individual items. The screws used in the INFINITY kits are made of high strength steel and made in Japan. The fit when tightened is perfectly matched to the IF18-2. Recommended as standard and also setting parts.

A0071 - INFINITY PIT MAT (100x60cm / Black)


This pit mat is made of a durable neoprene front complete with Infinity logo and the back of a non-slip rubber. Its moderate thickness and weight make it perfect for use in an indoor or outdoor pit area while remaining easy to fold for transportation. Size: 100cm x 60cm