T100 - ALU HEX WHEEL HUB (4.5mm/Black/2pcs)

0.5mm thinner than kit normal(5mm). Usefull to make the width narrow.

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A full set of lower suspension arms (hard) for IF14-2 and IF14-2FWD for one car.
This set is convenient when you want to replace lower suspension arms together for maintenance. It is also more economical than purchasing each item individually.

T146-AL - IF14 PRO-GEAR DIFF SET (Alu Outdrive/38T)

IF14 pro gear diff set with aluminium outdrive cup specification. This set is about 2.2 grams lighter than the steel outdrive cup specification. This allows you to adjust the weight balance of the vehicle front and rear while also improving the throttle response.

T159 - TITAN BALL END 4.9mm MEDIUM (4pcs)

This is a new set of super strong and high-precision 4.9mm titanium ball ends for the IF14. Each set is about 8g lighter than the steel ones and the polished ball surface ensures the ball end moves smoothly for a long time.


Spare part for floating electronic plate set. It can be used alone as a balance weight or can function as a chassis stiffener by adding one more screw to the chassis.

T162 - ALU ECCENTRIC BEARING HOLDER 0.5mm (Black/2pcs)

This ALU ECCENTRIC BEARING HOLDER 0.5mm is 0.3mm less offset than the standard bearing holder. This allows you to have a wider choice of adjustment with a 0.3mm lower diff in the 'high' position and 0.3mm higher in the 'low' position. This part is machined from high quality aluminium for minimised drivetrain loss.

T112-41 - D.J.CVD DRIVE SHAFT 41mm

Short type (41mm) front drive shaft rather than the kit standard front drive shaft (42mm).
Offers a linear steering feel, making the car easier to drive when used in high traction or oversteer situations.


Adjust the chassis flex by connecting this carbon brace between the upper bulkheads on top of the top deck. This upper bulkhead brace is cut with high precision from 1mm carbon plate and can change the steering and traction characteristics by effecting the rigidity of the front or rear bulkheads.

Front of top deck: High-speed corner steering is increased. Low-speed corner steering decreased.
Rear of top deck: Increased rotation in the rear. Understeer is reduced. On power traction slightly reduced.