SMJ1003 - SILVER LINE SPRING TS3.2 (Short/Pink/2pcs)

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T123 - VZ REAR UPRIGHT (Graphite/Super Hard)

Newly designed rear upright, geometry of suspension system is optimized. Toe angle is zero.
Mounting position of upper arm is optimized at higher point, shim of 2.0mm to be reduced.
Lineup of Hard & Graphite material. Hard material suits for fundamental condition and provides stable grip.
For high grip surface and expecting quick response, graphite material is recommended to use.

T159 - TITAN BALL END 4.9mm MEDIUM (4pcs)

This is a new set of super strong and high-precision 4.9mm titanium ball ends for the IF14. Each set is about 8g lighter than the steel ones and the polished ball surface ensures the ball end moves smoothly for a long time.

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Spare part for floating electronic plate set. It can be used alone as a balance weight or can function as a chassis stiffener by adding one more screw to the chassis.

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A floating electronics plate which allows the receiver, ESC and motor cooling fan to be easily installed and removed from the chassis. Helps ease of maintenance and allows for quicker chassis changes.