T061 - ANTI-ROLL BAR REAR SET (1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm)

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HBP (Horizontal Body Post) mount set. For mounting the body posts in a horizontal position at the rear end of the car. By mounting the rear body posts horizontally the center of gravity around the rear of the car is lowered and the downforce of the body is transmitted more efficiently to the chassis improving corner speed. Especially suited to tracks with tight corners.

T113 - D.J.CVD JOINT COVER TUBE (10x50mm/2pcs)

It is preventable G-Clip accidentally comming off during running.
Its approx. of 0.2mm thickness provide no weight extendability.
Shutterproof of grease and lenghtening life-span of the parts and maintenance cycle.
Cut about 10mm for each. Fitting on effectively, provide little heating after inserted.