CM-A005-05 - ALUMINUM WASHER 3x6x0.5mm (Red/10pcs)

A vivid red anodized version has been added to the aluminum spacer series (3mm in inner diameter). It helps you dress up your machine. If you use this red anodized version and the black version in different specifications in a setting, you can easily distinguish them.

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Front Shock Stay LD(Lay Down) that offers a position one step lower than the conventional R0081 (included in the kit). The center position of the R0336 is the same as the lower hole of the R0081. It's designed to be lower so that it does not interfere with the body even when a modern body is installed. Thickness is 2.5mm.

R0314 - FRONT KNUCKLE BASE 13.5(IF18-2)

The front roll center can be lowered by replacing the kit parts with this front knuckle base. With these adjustments your IF18-II has the potential for even higher turning/steering performance. Recommended for use with thick front stabilizer from 2.6 - 3.0mm.


A brass battery plate that concentrates the weight in the center of the car body and increases the chassis rigidity achieves higher driving stability. In particular, it is easy to control on a high-grip road surface and prevents traction roll.

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Compared to the standard plastic rear body mount, this new carbon mount increases the height of the body by 3mm (Almost the limit within the regulation of IFMAR). In addition, the cross-sectional shape of the carbon plate and A7075 adapter matches the latest body shapes such as XTREAM's Diablo and Protoform's R19 without any gaps. This allows the downforce to be transferred to the tires without loss and improving rear grip. The left and right carbon plates can be fine-tuned with set screws to accommodate individual body shapes. The connection to the car body can be made in three step width directions, and also absorbs the twisting of the mounting part when toe-in is applied.