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A floating electronics plate which allows the receiver, ESC and motor cooling fan to be easily installed and removed from the chassis. Helps ease of maintenance and allows for quicker chassis changes.

The graphite electronics plate floats off the main chassis by either attaching to a center weight or an aluminum electronics plate mount to avoid affecting the chassis flex.The center weight is 15g and 7.5g balance weights can added to the center weight to help balance your car.The 7.5g weight can be mounted without the 15g center weight by mounting it to an aluminum center plate mount if necessary.The center weight can also function as a chassis stiffener by adding an extra screw to the chassis. In addition an aluminum cooling fan mount can also be added to allow installation of a 30mm size fan for cooling of the motor.

Products Weight
T255, Floating Electronic Plate set : 7.6g
T254, Floating Electronic Palate Weight Set 15g : 19g
T258, Alu Cooling Fan Mount for Floating Electronic Plate : 1.5g

The use of the upcoming 35g tungsten weight plate will further optimize the weight balance when using the small ESC.

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HBP (Horizontal Body Post) mount set. For mounting the body posts in a horizontal position at the rear end of the car. By mounting the rear body posts horizontally the center of gravity around the rear of the car is lowered and the downforce of the body is transmitted more efficiently to the chassis improving corner speed. Especially suited to tracks with tight corners.

T160 - TITAN BALL END 4.9mm LONG (4pcs)

This is a new set of super strong and high-precision 4.9mm titanium ball ends for the IF14. Each set is about 8g lighter than the steel ones and the polished ball surface ensures the ball end moves smoothly for a long time.