T110 - D.J.CVD DRIVE SHAFT SET Ver.2 (1pc)

Reviewed steering angle, front D.J.CVD drive shaft.
With use of aluminum bell crank (T093), smoothly can provide the drive power at wide steering angle.
Assemblage of wheel axle and drive shaft must be Ver.2 -to-Ver.2

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T123 - VZ REAR UPRIGHT (Graphite/Super Hard)

Newly designed rear upright, geometry of suspension system is optimized. Toe angle is zero.
Mounting position of upper arm is optimized at higher point, shim of 2.0mm to be reduced.
Lineup of Hard & Graphite material. Hard material suits for fundamental condition and provides stable grip.
For high grip surface and expecting quick response, graphite material is recommended to use.

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This shock spring retaining collar is for INFINITY IF14 shock. Made of precisely machined aluminium its extremely light and helps the shock absorber and the shock spring work more efficiently. The set contains 4pcs. of black-anodized shock spring retaining collars.

T113 - D.J.CVD JOINT COVER TUBE (10x50mm/2pcs)

It is preventable G-Clip accidentally comming off during running.
Its approx. of 0.2mm thickness provide no weight extendability.
Shutterproof of grease and lenghtening life-span of the parts and maintenance cycle.
Cut about 10mm for each. Fitting on effectively, provide little heating after inserted.

T130 - TOP DECK 1.6mm

Made of superior quality 1.6mm thickness of U.S.A. carbon material.
Compare with kit normal thickness 2.0mm, further chassis flex is gained and initial steering response can be increased.
Provides great efficiency use with optional Aluminum Flex Main Chassis(T109).

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T143 - WHEEL SHIM 0.25mm (SUS/8pcs)

By adding these wheel shims between the hex wheel hub and the wheel, you can fine-tune the cars track width quickly. Available in two thicknesses of 0.25mm and 0.5mm. 8pcs are included in each.