T121 - VZ STEERING BLOCK (Graphite/Super Hard)

Newly designed steering block. Steering angle stopper is additionally equipped.
Steering is adjustable at any angle of incidence. Lineup of Hard & Graphite material.
Hard material is suitable for fundamental condition and provides stable grip.
For high grip surface and expecting quick response, graphite material is recommended to use.

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Adjust the chassis flex by connecting this carbon brace between the upper bulkheads on top of the top deck. This upper bulkhead brace is cut with high precision from 1mm carbon plate and can change the steering and traction characteristics by effecting the rigidity of the front or rear bulkheads.

Front of top deck: High-speed corner steering is increased. Low-speed corner steering decreased.
Rear of top deck: Increased rotation in the rear. Understeer is reduced. On power traction slightly reduced.

T162 - ALU ECCENTRIC BEARING HOLDER 0.5mm (Black/2pcs)

This ALU ECCENTRIC BEARING HOLDER 0.5mm is 0.3mm less offset than the standard bearing holder. This allows you to have a wider choice of adjustment with a 0.3mm lower diff in the 'high' position and 0.3mm higher in the 'low' position. This part is machined from high quality aluminium for minimised drivetrain loss.


Adjustable the range of servo horn four stages at 17, 18, 19, 20mm. Since leverage can be set fixed, the setting is possible in a quantitiative way. Exquisitely machined from High-intensity alloy aluminum. Can fit to other chassis than IF14. (23 spline)